PennGage will help you close the loop on measuring the effectiveness for your marketing campaigns. Our fully managed lead generation service provides you with the benefits of:

  • Identifying, at the individual level, who is visiting your website and what pages they are reading
  • Pushing automated messages to extend your ad spend spend dollar
  • Integration with your (CRM)
  • Nurturing leads till sales close
  • Detailed Reports, Analytics and email alerts

We’ll manage your campaigns while you manage your business.

Generate Leads with Website Visitor Tracking

  • Know at the individual level who is visiting your website, when and what pages they are viewing.
  • Receive website activity alerts when prospects visit your site.
  • Use the anonymous visitors feature to target likely prospects at those firms.

Lead Management

  • Develop your prospects by engaging, nurturing, and qualifying leads by sending them relevant messaging: product brochures, press releases, white papers, newsletters, etc. all on an automated basis.
  • Email messages can be sent based on titles and/or website pages that have been visited.
  • Use scoring to identify and prioritize sales-ready leads for demographic data and behavioral touch points including email, website, events and social media.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation

  • Integrate your CRM with our automation platform and receive real-time, actionable intelligence.
  • Your team can view all the touch points, scores and know exactly why a lead has been qualified.
  • Use shared real-time intelligence to learn about a prospect’s interests and activities.

Email Marketing

  • Optimize your email marketing messages and campaign leads. PennGage will quickly create, test, deploy, and measure your email campaigns.
  • We optimize your emails by using list segmentation, lead scoring and dynamic content to ensure relevant messages go to the right people.

Reports and Analytics

  • All results are in real-time. We accurately analyze campaign performance. We calibrate how you are doing, optimize your campaigns based on what’s working and what isn’t and improve future efforts.

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