What We Do

Thanks to technology and changing information platforms, opportunities are continually arising. When to create an app, a website banner, a print ad or an entire lead generation campaign? We will develop a sound, success-driven plan for your business that integrates online, print, social media and live events.

Let’s discuss how we can grow your customer base. Contact Paul Andrews at marketingservices@pennwell.com.

Strategic and Tactical Marketing Communications Services

Do you have a new product to launch? Or a brand that just needs revitalizing? We’re your partners from start to finish. Our team of marketing strategists understands the value of listening and learning all there is to know about you. Then we research and assess the market to discover where your greatest opportunities lie. Last but not least, we deliver and implement a customized, well-formulated plan that ensures the success of your venture.

Content Development

We will create compelling content may it be white papers, articles or blog posts. We will identify and vet writers. Let us create the editorial calendar and then manage the content development process. We ensure the content will support your keyword and inbound marketing tactics.

Custom Research & Surveys

Our expertise in industry markets helps us deliver high quality reporting and business intelligence from in-depth primary and secondary research and market analysis. Gain insight at the company, industry and national levels on market data, trends and overall market forecasts. Before you make any major decisions, let us research the viability of your project, identify key demographics and deploy our web-based survey system to get the answers you need.

Design Services

Your customers care about the bottom line. How do you grab their attention? Create a compelling, targeted, no-nonsense message. Use clean design that communicates and inspires a purchase, call or click-through. Our team of strategists, designers, copywriters and developers knows how to get the job done.

Web Development

From HTML email campaigns and website development to banner advertising and microsite development, our skilled team is versed in numerous languages and can provide solutions to suit any budget and scope. We use open source solutions and provide top notch training.

Event Management

We can manage your customer appreciation day. How about a reception at a trade show? We will identify and evaluate venues. Let us handle the venue negotiations and logistics. And, we can also assist with registration, on-site support as well as the promotion for the event.

Program Execution

We have the resources to manage the implementation of programs across all marketing channels. Let us become an extension of your marketing team, delivering the level of service and responsiveness you need to grow your business.