Marketing Tips

Simple but effective rich email execution.

Single images and simple text stacked in a single column to ensure greatest compatibility with different email readers. No images aligned or floated to the right or left, this will make designing for outlook much easier. Read more

5 Tips to Using Copy and Images to Communicate Your Message.

Your audience is getting bombarded with messages every minute of every day, from email messages, text, online and offline ads. Your goal is to ensure your message stands out among all this clutter and get your prospect’s attention long enough that they can take an action. Here are 5 tips that we found have been effective no matter what the medium is. Read more

5 Tips for Mobile Rich Email Design

Use inline CSS. External styles perform poorly, so most designers will use styles inside HTML tags. Read more

5 Do’s and Dont’s of Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook changes their guidelines from time to time, but that doesn’t mean your company’s Facebook cover image doesn’t have to be boring and lifeless. From abiding to the Facebook Guidelines to keeping it simple, following these 5 do’s and don’ts of Facebook Cover Photos will help you create an interesting and attention-grabbing Cover Photo for your company’s profile. Read more

5 Steps to Creating an Excellent Infographic

Infographics are meant to be entertaining while also sharing important data. Why should your company’s be any different? With these 5 steps towards creating an excellent infographic, you and your company will be able to create an infographic that will be hard to forget. Read more

5 Tips for Post-Trade Show Marketing Success

You and your team are now back from the trade show. Now, what do you do? Following up within 48 hours, encouraging personal connections, keeping prospects engaged, writing about trade show topics and creating a report will be very important. These Take Five tips will help you get the ROI you expected from the show. Read more

5 Tips for Social Media Strategy in the B2B Market

Using social media has become a must in the marketing world. Your success, however, is not guaranteed, and will depend on a few factors. Using the appropriate platforms, coordinating posts, posting in a timely manner, providing links to your other social media accounts, and analyzing your accounts are a few of the tips that will be mentioned in this Take Five. Following these tips will help you and your company create social media platforms that your clients will want to go to and visit frequently. Read more

5 Tips for Trade Show Marketing Success

A lot goes into making a trade show a success. Networking, organizing contests, presenting demos, hosting receptions and using social media are the main ones talked about in this Take Five. Taking these five tips into consideration will help make your trade show experience be the best it can be. Read more

5 Tips on How to Rank Higher in YouTube Results

Ranking high in YouTube results takes more than just posting a video, sitting back, and watching it go viral. A lot goes into making your YouTube videos popular. It is important to pick out the best keywords, create a catchy title and attractive video thumbnail. You will also want to keep the video to an appropriate length (no more than 4 minutes). Then, post the video link throughout your online presence. Read more

5 Tips on Making Your Hashtags Work

Bringing social media into your marketing mix also means bringing details such as hashtags into the mix as well. Hashtags encourage conversation and have become crucial in the marketing world. By following the tips in this Take Five, you and your company will be on the road to using hashtags more efficiently. Read more

5 Tips for Twitter

The max number of characters in a tweet is 140. However, try to keep your message short and to the point. Leave enough characters for others to retweet your message without cutting off the end of your message. A recent report discovered that Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate. Read more

5 Banner Ad Tips

Publications have specs that need to be adhered to. While you are trying your best to get your messaging across in a clear and concise manner, your designer struggles to meet both your demands. The following tips can assist you and your team. Read more

5 Facebook Tips

A typical question we hear quite often revolves around what is the smartest way of posting on Facebook. First and foremost, ensure your customer base is actually on Facebook. Do they consume information and product news on this social media platform? Facebook may not be relevant to your business. LinkedIn may be a better venue for your business. Read more

5 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Business Presence

LinkedIn is a great way to communicate between businesses and customers. However, there are ways to enhance your presence in the LinkedIn world. By taking these Take Five tips into consideration, your company’s LinkedIn presence will be noticed by many. Read more

5 Tips to Gaining Google Exposure

Google+ has become a convenient way to market your company and its products, but only if you develop your profile to its fullest potential. Enhancing your profile overall is a great way to start. By utilizing the different sections of your profile, consistently writing, sharing and using the Google+ Circles and Hangouts, you and your company are on your way to gaining Google+ exposure and rising up in the Google Search rankings. Read more

5 Tips to Using Copy and Images

Your audience is getting bombarded with messages every minute of every day, from email messages, text, online and offline ads. Your goal is to ensure your message stands out among all this clutter and get your prospect’s attention long enough that they can take an action. Here are 5 tips that we found have been effective no matter what the medium is. Read more

5 Ways to Boost Email Interaction

While social media has been on the rise, email is still a very effective method to promote your brand and products. This Take Five shows you ways to boost email interaction by choosing quality over quantity and by using your company name to your advantage. Writing engaging content and keeping the ads soft on the eyes will ensure a boost in clicks on those emails. Read more

5 Ways to Boost Website Traffic With User Generated Content

There are many different ways to go about boosting website traffic. In this Take Five, these are five of the easiest ways to increase website traffic by using user generated content. From encouraging participation through contests to simply interacting with customers, your company website will be viewed more than it has been before. Read more

5 Ways to Go Green in the B2B Market

The digital age has slowly made everyone environmentally-friendly in some shape or form. This Take Five shows five easy methods to become “green” and how to easily stay that way. From utilizing PDF’s to just recycling, these tips show that there really are simple ways to “go green” in the B2B market. Read more

5 Ways to Integrate Social Media with B2B Trade Shows

Social media plays a big part in getting ready for trade shows, is used during trade shows, and after trade shows as well. Your company’s social media accounts notifies customers when you’ll be at shows, what is going on at your booth, and gives you a chance to post show successes afterwards. This Take Five shows that creating hashtags, using QR codes, posting pictures and videos, providing quality content and posting before, during and after the show are a big part of why social media is so important for you at a B2B trade show. Read more

10 Website Development and Design Tips

Designing an effective website for your company is crucial to your business. Customers view your website to get a feel for you and your company before they even contact your sales team. The following ten tips will provide you with useful suggestions on how to design and develop the perfect website. Read more