5 Tips to Enhance Your Linkedin Business Presence

LinkedIn is a great way to communicate between businesses and customers. However, there are ways to enhance your presence in the LinkedIn world. By taking these Take Five tips into consideration, your company’s LinkedIn presence will be noticed by many.

1. Utilize Showcase Pages. Display all of your company’s work by providing photos, videos, and anything else that reflects your business and products and services. You can customize each Showcase Page. Showcase Pages need to be easy to comprehend. Give your prospects a good description of your product/service as well as how it will benefit them. Most important, be sure you are using your keywords in a consistent manner. Those keywords on your website should also be used in your Linked In profile. This is critical for SEO purposes.

2. Be a “Show-off”! Reflect your firm’s personality. By showing personality, or the culture of your company, it encourages brand advocacy. It helps create trust between you and your prospect, which leads to the client being open to additional research about your company.

3. Update statuses consistently. The frequency of updates can be from one status per month to one status per week. This is an opportunity to provide helpful tips to prospects, as well as keeping you in their mindshare. This is also an easy way to interact directly with your prospects. Be sure to use images and/or videos.   Most important don’t always be in the selling of products mode. Talk about your community involvement, featured distributors and trends in the industry.

4.  Always provide a link to your company’s website from your profile as well as to your other social media applications. Steer them to a landing page where you can provide an offer of a white paper or case study. That is a good time to have them fill out a led generation form.

5.  Utilize the Specialties field on the business profile. This is a smart place to enter search terms/keywords that relate to your product/services. Not only is it helpful for people searching while in LinkedIn, it is also helpful for Google searches, as LinkedIn business pages are public facing. Google rewards this use of consistent keywords spanning multiple locations.

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