5 Tips On Making Your Hashtags Work

Bringing social media into your marketing mix also means bringing details such as hashtags into the mix as well. Hashtags encourage conversation and have become crucial in the marketing world. By following the tips in this Take Five, you and your company will be on the road to using hashtags more efficiently.

1. Don’t overdo it. The more hashtags you use, the more conversations you are opening your company up to. While it could be a good strategy for marketing, it is more efficient to narrow them down to the top one or two hashtags that are most relevant to your company and brand. Search Twitter for specific hashtags to see what posts are already using it. Are they related to your topic? If not, it is best to stay away from using that one. Otherwise, jump on that bandwagon! Using fewer hashtags also make posts look cleaner and easier to read.

2. Keep the hashtags readable. Stay away from hashtags that are so long they begin to confuse people. Creating long hashtags facilitates misspellings, which would defeat the purpose of the hashtag. For example, using hashtags such as #OilandGas or #powergeneration are concise, easy to read and easy to find misspellings. Remember, do not use any spaces in between words.

3. Narrow down your hashtags. Once you have picked out a relevant hashtag, stick with it. It is simpler for customers to keep track of one hashtag, and it is less complicated for your team to track.

4. Promote your hashtag. Put it in your company contact information and encourage the use of it on all social media platforms. By placing the hashtag in your company’s marketing materials, your customers will engage and share their comments.

5. Get creative with the hashtag. Rather than just sticking it at the end of one of your posts, incorporate the hashtag into the post. By integrating your #hashtag into a sentence, the content looks cleaner. It also allows for more information to be in the post without looking too lengthy. For example, “come visit us next week at #Hydrovision!”

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