5 Tips On How to Rank Higher in Youtube Results

Ranking high in YouTube results takes more than just posting a video, sitting back, and watching it go viral. A lot goes into making your YouTube videos popular. It is important to pick out the best keywords, create a catchy title and attractive video thumbnail. You will also want to keep the video to an appropriate length (no more than 4 minutes). Then, post the video link throughout your online presence.

1. It is all about keywords. To separate your videos from others, select at least ten keywords which are unique and will make your video easier to find. Utilizing the YouTube Keyword Tool will help you find which keywords have less competition. By typing in the key items of your video into the box provided on the Keyword Tool page, YouTube will provide you with similar words that are “most searched” on their website. From there, you can choose which words you want to use. Don’t forget to write these keywords into your video description as well.

2. Create a distinctive video title. Make sure the title includes some of the keywords you selected. The title should clearly describe the content of the video. If you are doing a series of clips, create titles that use the same phrase at the beginning of each title. Keep your titles to an average of 100 characters.

3. Create an attractive video thumbnail. This is what viewers will see first, and can make or break whether or not they even click on the video. Having a professionally-made thumbnail gives the impression the video is worth watching versus a video with a blurry screenshot.

4. Keep the video as short as possible. The average YouTube clip is about 5 minutes long. YouTube has the ability to view how long viewers actually watch the video, and use that towards its ranking status. Because of this, make sure the video is just long enough to get the point across. Don’t add anything extra, otherwise, viewers will lose interest and stop watching.

5. Post a link to your video or embed it on your company website as well as your company’s social media accounts. That will encourage viewers to watch the video. As a result, the number of views will rise. YouTube takes into account the video has been posted elsewhere as well as how many views the video receives in general, causing the site to push the video higher up in the YouTube rankings.

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